About Us

Our Approach

We are Located in the central of Las Vegas, offering a convenient location and our practitioner Kay was trained in Korea with over 10 years extensive experience in (semi) permanent makeup services. Whether you are seeking dramatic effects or preferring soft and natural look, Kay and our associated professional technicians have learned the beauty of custom blending to achieve that perfect shade.

Our Story

In Las Vegas, Kay is one of the most highly regarded professionals in the field of (semi) permanent makeup. She performs state of the art microblading manual technique and is highly recommended by all her clients. Her reputation has been built on her unique style, combined with the use of highest quality permanent makeup products available.

Kay is known for consistently performing natural looking (semi) permanent makeup that has attracted clients from across Los Angeles, Las Vegas and some Asian countries. The clients that have chosen her to perform their microblading manual technique service would that her skill and dedication to her work has made her one of the industry leader.

Our Philosophy

Kay’s philosophy is that permanent makeup, like body tattooing, is an art. Knowing how to implant pigment properly into the skin is crucial, but more importantly, it must be done artfully to achieve a fitting and natural perfect look. We also specialize in pain control, and apply a topical anesthetic to ensure each client is as comfortable as possible throughout their procedure.  

我們位於拉斯維加斯最繁華的中心地段,為您提供便利的地理位置,我們的從業人員Kay受訓於韓國 , 在半永久性化妝服務方面擁有10多年的豐富經驗。無論您是想要戲劇性的效果還是偏愛柔和自然的外觀,Kay和我們的專業相關技術人員都充分的了解定制混合的美感,以實現完美的陰影效果。在拉斯維加斯,Kay是半永久性化妝領域最受推崇的專業人士之一。她執行最先進的微刀片微針手工技術,並受到所有客戶的強烈推薦。她的聲譽建立在她獨特的風格上,並結合使用最高質量的永久性化妝產品。Kay以持續表現自然持久的妝容而聞名,吸引了來自洛杉磯,拉斯維加斯和許多亞洲國家的客戶。選擇她進行微刀片微針處理服務的客戶會以她的技能和對工作的奉獻精神使她成為行業領導者之一。


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